Meet our staff

Co-Music/Worship Directors – Joe and Jana Downey

  • Joe is an electrical engineer at NASA Glenn, and has been involved in music since he was young.
    • He played trombone in school marching band, and has sung in a wide variety of barbershop choruses, quartets and choirs.
  • Jana primarily a stay at home mom
    • teaches part-time at LCCC in the Health and Wellness Sciences division
    • working on a master’s degree in Exercise Science.
    • began playing piano when she was seven years old and has accompanied choirs, soloists, and worship teams
    • played for church services, funerals and weddings
    • loves to worship through song and lead others to a spirit of worship

Associate Music Director – Bob Flickinger

  • works with Joe and Jana and the entire music team to help put together a meaningful Sunday musical worship experience
  • has a deep Methodist background and experience with the congregation at Belden UMC to plan and coordinate the service
  • reports to Joe and Jana
  • sings bass/baritone with a 25 member chorus from all over the area
Hospitality, Linda Szajna Chairman
The mission of this committee is to welcome all to Belden UMC from the first time they attend a church service. The person is given a Welcome Visitor card to complete (if they wish).  A note is sent to the person within the next few days thanking them for attending.  When the person has attended a few services, they are given a gift bag with information about our church, a directory, note cards, pens, etc.  The Hospitality Chairman makes sure that the person meets others in church and feels welcome.
The Hospitality chairman also coordinates the following:
    1.   All social events relating to luncheons, dinners, fund raisers, etc. including Mother Daughter Banquet in
          May, Easter Maunday Thursday dinner, Outdoor Service potluck, First Responder luncheon, etc.
          Fall Women’s Conference.
    2.   Set up of Fellowship Room or Social Hall. Gary Weegmann and Men’s Group are notified of any
          special events requiring needing help with tables, chairs, serving, etc.
    3.  Coordinates Graduation/Confirmation service with Pastor.  Purchases gifts for each person and plans
         social time following service(usually cake, punch, cookies.
    4.  Stocks kitchen with paper products needed for various events.
    5.  Coordinates Funeral luncheons/dinners-coordinates with Pastor.
    6.  Greeting cards are sent to members celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, get well, thinking of you, etc.
    7.  News releases to Rural Urban or Chronicle for any church event, services, Bible Study, or social event
         requiring publicity is emailed or faxed in a timely manner.
    8.  The Hospitality Chairman also checks the Lectionary calendar regarding the altar cloth colors and changes           them when needed.  Flowers are provided as well.



Alex Fedyszyn has been playing drums since he was 9 yrs. old. He is the eldest of 5 children, enjoys bowling, basketball, football, baseball, video games and spending time with his family. In his spare time he is taking a computer course at LCCC. Alex is in his freshman year as a home-schooled high school student. Belden is so happy that Alex is part of the Music Team.