Emergency Cancellation Policy/Procedures

Belden United Methodist Church
Emergency Cancellation Policy/Procedures
January 19, 2019

Sometimes it is necessary to cancel a worship service due to facility issues or weather related conditions
than may include snow, ice, temperature with wind chill, tornado, flooding, etc. .. The best effort will be
made to contact members of the congregation in the event a worship service is cancelled.

  1. Who decides: Pastor and Lay Leader
  2. Time to cancel by: 8:00 p.m.  Saturday before Sunday service.
  3. Considering factors: Due to the various conditions (snow, ice, temperature with wind chill, tornado,
    flooding, facility issues etc. .. ) deciding to cancel Sunday morning activities will be a common sense
    approach, error on side of safety.
  4. How to inform congregation: website email,  phone text, or phone call, Fox 8 TV channel. It should be noted our best effort will be made to contact the congregation of a cancellation. (A sign-up sheet will be posted and/or passed around the congregation yearly, asking members to indicate which method of contact is preferred-text or phone call. It is the responsibility of individual members to update his/her contact information as needed to keep records current.)
  5. Texting and phone calling the cancellation will be sent by Pastor and/or Lay Leader.
  6. Fox 8 will be contacted by Pastor or Lay Leader using the attached procedures.